Colorado Farm & Food Alliance Climate Action Support Statement



Our farms and the economic activity they support – from quality, hand-crafted drinks to gourmet food and farmers’ markets – rely on a sustainable and reliable climate.

I agree with the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance that protecting our farm, food and drink economy means we must act now to address climate change, in our own practices and through smart policy.

Climate change poses one of the gravest threats to the world’s food supplies, including our farms and ranches here in Colorado. And agriculture and our food system also make substantial contributions to the problem.

We must be part of the solution. We must prepare for climate change and be smart with how we use resources. We support policies that support a shift on how we power our farms, ranches, homes, and businesses; and practices that benefit the climate and build resiliency. We call for policy solutions that encourage these outcomes.

Supporting Farms, Businesses, and Organizations

Citizens for Clean Air, Mesa County * Slow Food Western Slope, Delta County * Blessed. Food + Beverage, Delta County * PM Ranch, Delta County * Local Farms First, Delta County * Holy Terror Farm, Delta County * Valley Organic Growers Association, Delta County * Ela Family Farms, Delta County * Twisted Root Organic Farm, Delta County * Small Potatoes Farm and Bakery, Delta County * Zephyros Farm and Garden, Delta County * Princess Beef, Delta County * ChickaPea Catering, Delta County * Roost Farms, Jefferson County * Fleischer Family Farm LLC, Jefferson  County * Slow Food Boulder County, Boulder  County * McCauley Family Farm, Boulder County * Stone Cottage Cellars, Inc., Delta County * UpRoot Colorado, Boulder County * Local Relic, El Paso County * Sunshine Beef – XK Bar Ranch, Delta County *, Boulder County * The GrowHaus, Denver County * 63rd St. Farm, Boulder County * Root and Vine Market, Delta County * Aum Chiropractic, Boulder County * 4th World Farm, Montezuma  County * Thinking in Binary, Boulder County * Roots of Wellness, Boulder County * Bear Foot Fine Gardening, Montrose County * Atlas Agricultural Services, La Plata County *, Douglas County

Supporting Individuals

 Karlene D, Boulder * Judith R, El Paso * Brenda G, Boulder * Janet R, El Paso * Angela R, Grand  * Roberta C, Boulder * Patrick M, Boulder * Judy B, Adams * Belinda W, Kit Carson * Hortense P, Boulder * Judy J, Routt * Rhonda S, Alamosa  * Valari J, Boulder * Taylor Rae C, Eagle * Nicolette T, Garfield * Kathryn S, Denver * Krista H, Larimer * Claudia C, Douglas  * Joyce S, Delta * Danielle H, Boulder * Barbara B, Denver  * Melanie M, Eagle * Susan F, Delta  * Stephanie D, Boulder * Karen L, Larimer * Shirley A, Jefferson County * Judi K, Weld * Cynthia B, Montezuma * Jan L, El Paso * Elizabeth Q, Delta * Isaac M, Douglas  * Naomi P, Boulder * Beth A, Jefferson * Mark S, Boulder * Deb B, Jefferson * Florence M, Laramer * Leah D, El Paso