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Cultivating Climate and Conservation Action from Farm to Table

About Us

“Cultivating climate and conservation action from farm to table”

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance networks family farms, winemakers, brewers, food producers, chefs, and restaurateurs to cultivate and strengthen the local food movement, support sustainable rural communities, and provide a platform for effective climate and conservation advocacy.

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance provides information about Colorado agriculture and food economies and highlights the nexus between securing those values and implementing sound land use, energy, conservation and climate policy.

We welcome participation from a range of organizations, individuals and businesses on our various projects. Read more here.

Statement of Purpose

“Healthy lands and clean water protect Colorado’s farms, food, and drink. “

Strengthening local food systems means safeguarding the health of the land and supply of clean water and addressing long-term sustainability issues like climate change.

Our partners and supporters are businesses and associations, family farms and markets, local restaurants and producers, rural food and economic groups, and others that understand protecting Colorado’s environment protects our family farm and local food economy.

We seek to strengthen Colorado’s local food movement, and to connect its rural and urban communities from “farm to table.”  We seek to cultivate climate and conservation action and to bring wholesome, locally sourced food and drink to Coloradans across the state.

Colorado Farm & Food Alliance

“Eat Local ~ Think Global ~ Act Now”

Make a contribution to Colorado’s sustainable farm and food future.

Our combined voice can support our local farm and food economy, amplify and support climate action, and help ensure that clean water and healthy land are made a priority when managing for oil and gas development in Colorado so that our farmlands and clean water are not harmed.

Colorado craft beer is world-famous and it brings people from around the world to sample the best.  Anything that threatens my water source threatens my business. We need to be smart about where and how we drill, so we don’t foul or deplete our water supplies.

-Mike King, Revolution Brewing

Community Action and Food Security

Community Action and Food Security

Fruit gleaning project helps those in need Glean: verb to gather bit by bit, gather (leftover grain or other produce) after a harvest Every year, as summer begins to roll into fall, in rural Colorado valleys like the North Fork, the conversations turn to falling...

Farm to Table Tube

A Letter to the BLM: North Fork Video Comment to the Bureau of Land Management

Internet clip from Colorado farmer on potential oil and gas leasing and development near his family’s farm in 2012. That lease sale was eventually deferred an the local BLM is proceeding with updating its land use plan, including consideration of a community-derived alternative according to the agency. The draft document is due out in Winter 2014.